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These are some of my corny pics!

Fundulus olivaceus (top), F. (species?), F. notatus

Chris, Amy, Megan, and Me Driving to Pere Marquette

Jilly's First Homecoming

Terry, Beth, Andy, Jill, (no Joe)

Natural Hot Springs, Costa Rica

Group picture from my going away party.

Duvernell Lab #1

Fun Fun in the Costa Rican Sun!

Emily's Going away to Wales Party!

Roomie #1 - Chris

Roomie #2 - Matt

Roomie #3 - Tim

Megan sleeping in the guest bed!

The Family Business

Everybody but Laurie, Alex and Claraine

A best friend's wedding

Workin Hard at "Laurie's House" in Carara

My little brother Joe Ravanelli and his girlfriend Courtney Testerman

An SIUE Fall

Our Fearless Leader

The Beautiful Scarlet Macaws

Pirates of the Caribbean teams up with the Justice League

Green Lantern


At The E-Ville Parade '03

Three Hot Guys on one couch, what more could she ask for?!

A MIRACLE! Khan's Got Both Eyes Open!

Tha Boyz

Kung Fu Kitchen

Another Busy Day at the Pharmacy School